While very diverse, my approach to cometing in events and training often involves three distinct areas - Mind, body and vision.From the age of 5 years old my passion was gymnastic to which I competed at international level onwards it became evident to myself that health and fitness was always going play the biggest role in my life to which lead me into my career as a personal trainer and international athlete.I personally have always strived to obtain and exceed my goals whatever it may be from  training, competing, gymnastics, bodybuilding, personal fitness while having my own nutritional values that aline with my overall objectives.I find it as important for me that everyone with a goal in mind with the correct tools and knowledge that they achieve their maximum results to their own ability. DON'T TALK, JUST DO


Baz Gouldsbury is a professional athlete competing at elite level as well as a personal trainer providing full circle health, nutrition and fitness programmes and plans. As an ex-international gymnast, Baz knows first hand what it takes to achieve your goals. Having dominated the world championships for consecutive years takes a lot of determination and training.

This same mindset shines through in his personal training today.

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I offer a variety of personal training and fitness programmes, plans and schedules both online and offline. All of my work is fully customised to my client’s needs.

These include transformation, weight loss, weight and muscle gain, bikini and physique body training and mental wellness.

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Teaching from experience. I have been trained to compete as an international sports person, I still train and the beauty is that now train others.

This is where I can share my knowledge with my clients and how to get the best out of your health and fitness programmes. I work one-on-one with my clients and groups to develop and implement fitness training regimens and plans that helps achieve their goals. My custom programmes include exercises that are based upon your personal goals, skill and fitness level and overall needs.


Don't talk. Do.

Exercise is not just about aerobic capacity, muscle size or how much you can lift. Yes, exercise can improve your physical health and your physique, slim down your waistline, improve your sex life and increase your lifespan. But that is not only what gets people motivated and fired up about training. Regular exercise tends to give people an enormous sense of well-being. You feel more energetic (throughout the day), sleep better at night and feel more relaxed and positive about themselves and their lives.

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