Dedication, encouragement and inspiration

Thank you Baz for all your hard work and support helping me and Dai on our weight loss journey.

Your dedication and encouragement, even at times when I’ve said I can’t do it, has been an inspiration. You have shown me that anything is possible if you want it bad enough.  Here’s looking forward to our next stage of transformation! We have both lost at least 16 stone between the two of us.


I finally gained my confidence and body I’d always longed of having

Never being the guy in the room with the weight and muscle, always struggling to gain lean muscle mass without gaining body fat. But with Baz’s guidance and knowledge from start to end I finally gained my confidence and body I’d always longed of having, finally stopped comparing myself to everyone else at the gym and became myself and walked on stage to compete two years running


I lost over 3 stone with his amazing support

I first met Baz in September 2018 when I did a 10 week shred with him. I lost over 3 stone with him through his amazing support, diet advice and also his classes. He is amazing!

Not only has he made me become fit and toned but he has helped me mentally as well. I still continue PTs with him and attend most of his classes. I’m the fittest and healthiest I have ever been. Can’t wait to continue my fitness journey with him. Can’t give enough praise for him. He is fabulous.


I would not go to another trainer now. 5🌟

I started having PT’s with Baz in June 2019. Within a couple of weeks I started to notice changes in my body shape and fitness levels. Within a month, other people started to notice. As time continued to pass, I experienced a significant drop in body fat and felt much better about myself. Baz’s sessions are adapted to your personal goals and needs and the support continues beyond the sessions. Baz motivates you and is an excellent and knowledgeable trainer. His sessions and techniques are based on scientific, proven methods. I would not go to another trainer now. 5🌟


As a group exercise exercise instructor he is inspirational - the best!

I first met Baz in one of this notorious spin classes. As a group exercise exercise instructor he is inspirational – the best! a motivator who pushes everybody to work hard, reach their potential and feel amazing.

After class one day I was talking to Baz about training goals and nutrition and he mentioned a bikini competition. Never in a million years did I ever think I could ever achieve that kind of physique. He talked with such knowledge about it and his intricate understanding of the science and physiology behind it all really interested me. That’s it he said – we are going to do this together …. and so we did. 

Training wise Baz pushed my body to the limit, I never realised how strong i could become. Nutrition wise he guided me every step of the way, really understood the process and explained everything so I was able to understand and trust the process. He supported me emotionally too and became not only my Coach but my friend. 

We did it, I competed, I placed and I even qualified for the British Finals. Baz helped me unlock my potential and achieve results I never dreamed was ever possible. I will be forever thankful I met Baz and assigned him as my PT and coach. He continues to coach me and I know, whatever my goal, he is the one who will get me there. 


Challenging but rewarding, much fitter and losing the weight I wanted to

After 10 years of inactivity, I found myself extremely overweight, incredibly unfit but worse than that lacking in any confidence, so I decided to join a local gym and it is there that I met Baz.

Baz put in place a lifestyle plan for me based around diet and exercise but most importantly for me building up my low self esteem. The last four years has been challenging but rewarding and resulted in me becoming much fitter and losing the weight I wanted to, more importantly I feel far more confident.

What I have found I enjoy most of all is the way Baz encourages you to push yourself beyond what you thought was possible and has created an environment to help you achieve your goals.

I truly believe that Baz gets as much satisfaction seeing his clients meet their targets as much as the clients get from surpassing their goals.


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